We can supply a huge variety of quality promotional products, over 1,000,000 products from over 4,000 manufacturers.  So we’ve certainly got you covered on that!  And yet there is so much more value PromoMarket adds to your marketing strategy & efforts.  Check out how:


·         We help you identify and choose gifts everyone can use.  USE = RESULTS.  If you’re going to invest in the product, you want it to be cherished, held on to, displayed, and continually used.  We make it a point to learn more about your objectives, audience and budget so that we can make informed, relevant recommendations.  Check out our free MARKET.U service for more information on how to get started as well as our list of ‘Most Useful Items’ broken down by industry, budget and events.

·         We can help you with years of service recognition, safety & wellness/fitness awareness, premium/incentive programs for purchasing customers, brand building, customer appreciation & public relations.  Here are a few examples of unique marketing campaigns our creative team has developed. 

·         Access to a national award-winning Creative Marketing Team at iPROMOTEu (see link at bottom of this page).  This valuable resource allows your project or need to be worked on by a team of creative minds that have been in the industry for many years, much more than just here at  What we do is take your objective to the team for collective brainstorming and researching to come up with specialized program recommendations that we can use to get you the best results possible.  (And yes, we will work with you to set goals for your programs and then measuring and analyzing quantifiable results.)  The ideas that come from the team's collaboration may have been utilized by others in the past with similar objectives or completely unique to your situation.  This specialized service is something that other online product shopping sites simply cannot offer you!

·         Experience Matters.  With a combined 39+ years’ experience in the printing and promotional industries, we can be relied upon to get your artwork and product printing needs taken care of.  We’ve seen a lot over the years, and you’ll benefit from our industry exposure.

·         Continuing Education.  We are continually taking industry-credentialed classes through both PPAI and ASI, our leading providers of educational materials.  Whether it’s online or at seminars & trade shows, we invest in ourselves to make sure we’re up-to-date with the in’s and out’s of the industry.

·         Our Service.  If you’re like most clients, you want and deserve responsive service.  PromoMarket knows the value of fast service and that if it’s not provided, you’ll go elsewhere.  We value long-term relationships and at our core is the urge to respond to your requests promptly so that you can keep things moving.  We are geared to expedite rush orders as well.  We will be upfront about expectations, and you can count on us to deliver.

·         Graphics Support.  We work with seasoned graphic artist partners that can help develop or clean-up your logo as well as provide additional graphic layout assistance.  This service is available for an additional fee and can be quoted upon request.  We also have a wide range of image & clip art sources to help you find quality artwork to compliment your logo & ad copy.

·         Event & Promotion Planning – As your Promotional Consultants, we make a point in finding out the different times of year that you will be needing promotional items.  Then we are proactive in reaching out to you to discuss well before your events, eliminating the dreaded ‘rush’ mode.

·         eCommerce ‘Company stores’ – we have the technical know-how to set up a site for your associates/members to shop & purchase from; product can then be mailed directly to them or sent to you for central distribution.  We can set up the checkout to be with company-assigned credits or by shopper payment processing at the site. Examples here.

·        Mail fulfillment – we can drop ship or direct mail to your recipients.

·        Trade show planning, displays, signage.

·        Access to other custom print & packaging vendors.

·        Administrative, Buying and Creative Marketing support through our affiliation with iPROMOTEu.  Read all about this beneficial relationship here.